Monday, May 2, 2011

This is the best episode of The West Wing ever!

"Acting is its own form of jihad." - Rob Lowe

"Heady shit, man, heady shit." - Donald Rumsfeld hoofing paint

"Put out the fire, my love: the War on Terror is over." - Rob Lowe

"The team consisted of Solid Snake, Hunter S. Thompson, Stanley McChrystal, and a case of Bud Light Lime." - Admiral Mike Mullen

"My nipples are perfectly balanced between patriotism and evil." - Rob Lowe

"Should he be tried in space?" - Jeffrey Toobin

"My face is counter-terrorism." - Rob Lowe
"Who's house is that?"
"Why that's Osama bin Laden's house, go ahead and knock, he loves visitors!"
"Obama's job is done, now I shall be First Lady." - Rob Lowe

"When our nation secures such great victories I prefer not to gloat. I just enjoy a simple dinner of blood and cod." - Karl Rove

"The future is wet." - Robe Lowe

"Why would we give a shit?" - China

"As a reward for their daring, I will kiss each of the Navy Seals once, for 25 seconds." - Rob Lowe

"I find this all very tasteless." - Oscar Wilde

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