Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not Guilty

"The greatest misogyny is that of women against other women."
- Kenneth Moreno

"NY1 is like a cross between a church bulletin, a French talk show, and Cuban state television." - Franklin Mata

"Pedophiles aren't gay!" - Joseph Ratzinger

"One of those dark, deadly, quiet men who have no more feelings than a butcher has for slaughtered meet. I knew it the first time I saw you."
- Michelle Obama

"Family is ideology." - Arnold Schwarzeneggar

"The poor are carbs." - George W. Bush

"We should focus on a line of products entirely devoted to the narcissism of the consumer." - Steve Jobs

"All that you can do in your life is decide--assuming that there is any part of your mind capable of free action and not entirely overdetermined by unconscious drives, ideological programming, or deterministic biological processes--to what larger historical tendency--of which you may not have any real knowledge--you will contribute your individual effort, while keeping in mind that every aspect of that tendency, including the efficacy of your own actions in and upon it, remains fundamentally outside of your control."
- Bill Clinton

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