Sunday, May 1, 2011

How I Won The War

"I'm hard as a tortoise on this steamed out scene!" - McCain in Bhengazi

"Is it just me or is this shit turning into Super Mario Bros 3?" - Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard

“My dick can talk!” – Bashar al-Assad

“If one could shit the pot sloppily and not care there would only be a need for grand works of martial instruction.” – Ali Abdullah Saleh

"Dogs are lying down with cats in Palestine!" - Avigdor Lieberman

"Look here, just because I occasionally exploit populist hatred of Israel doesn't mean I'm sending this crate of delicious hummus back to Tel Aviv." - Amr Moussa

"Tell me where the library at Alexandria is hidden?!"
"You're crazy I can't even read, uhhhh my gas!"
- Hillary Clinton and Hosni Mubarak

“Can I be an Arab too?” – David Frost

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