Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New York Review of Blood

"My God, he went in a communist and came out writing young adult fiction." - David Foster Wallace on Jonathan Franzen, the Iowa Writer's Workshop

"Once some pretty Ernst Junger-man came up to you at the party you'd be finished. It'd all be bottle service and looking away while they dragged off your bros." - Roberto Bolaño to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Palace of the Revolution

"I wrote a novel! But, I drank it!" - Paul Auster

"I've kidnapped a high school forensics team, I'm having them read quotes in-character from my walk in closet, it's glorious, I feel like I'm almost God..." - Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo

"Thank god I finished this article, now to send it to my clown editor and watch him slip his thick-fingered hands up its anus." - Seymour Hersh on Mr. Tina Brown

"You'll come for the review, but you'll stay for the criticism." - Mark Halperin

"Harry Potter was originally about the Spanish reconcentrados in Cuba. My, it took some heavy editing." - J.K. Rowling

"You always bring me crayons! I want markers, damnit!" - Ernest Hemingway, Ketchum, ID, July 1, 1961

"Did you see that? That dachshund did not give a fuck!" - Rip Torn to Norman Mailer
"Could Qaddafi be dead? Is there anything we don't hatebattle on this thing?" - contributing editor Kiera Knightley

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