Monday, August 5, 2013

Deus Ex Œconomia

“And raise no man above you, yet raise the Dollar over All.”
- Milton Friedman, the Baths, Bohemian Grove

“Maybe not everything should be for sale.”
- radical thinker Michael Sandel

“Professor Sandel says that some things have to be thought about in moral terms rather than market terms, but what else is morality than the price one is willing to pay?” - John Gray

“Look, money!” - the Bay Area

"High-skilled visas are the new Civil Rights Movement."
- Mark Zuckerberg

“You are the Beatles your parents never could be!”
- Tim Cook to the Appleverse

“Fuck your feeble attempts at consciousness. You use Google too.”
- Erik Schmidt hissing in Glenn Greenwald’s ear while shaking his hand at a public event

“It’s easier to leave the person you love than the job you hate.”
- Edward Snowden

“My Bloomberg terminal slept with my wife!” - Jamie Dimon

“If only you’d been artificially inseminated, you'd be perfect!”
“Dad, put me down!”
- Will Smith, Jaden Smith

“The cure for cancer is wealth.”
- Angelina Jolie’s perfect, ageless new breasts

“Ms. Jolie has done a very expensive thing, and she deserves our admiration as a receipt.” - Dr. Sanjay Gupta

“I’ll take the risk.” - John Hamm declines a gene test for penile cancer

“This isn’t about money, it’s about strength!” - Ayn Rand slaps a young Alan Greenspan in the face

"To be considered an artist is the ultimate legitimation of wealth.”
- Jay-Z

“To be considered wealthy is the ultimate legitimation of being an artist.” - Kanye

“There is this idea among young people of a certain education and class that if they fail to achieve their dreams, they can always sell out. But selling out is hard work, and it rarely happens all at once. It usually happens in slow motion, through the grinding erosion of one’s ideals, a journey through all five stages of grief for the loss of one’s former sense of self, and the arduous struggle to prove to the gatekeepers of wealth and power that you are sincere in your conversion and worthy to serve. So, I have a message to all such young people who think, no matter what, it’s going to work out for them in the end: Dede diem. Surrender the day. Sell out now, before it’s too late.” - Brett Easton Ellis

“Meritocracy must be a two-way street. One thing I admire about the United States, in contradistinction to a place like China, is that, in addition to the Power Factories of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and so on, you have places like Brown University where the lesser scions of the ruling class can go to squander all that has been given to them and make room for those select few of lesser orders but superior wills to rise above them with a minimum of bloodletting.” - Bo Guagua

“Equal opportunity Darwinism!” - the battle cry of the middle class

“You see the same old crusty Marxists at every two-bit forum, march, and book fair in town and you wonder, how many of them were snitches back in the day? Or are they the only true believers? Or have they always been the weird creeps who show up to every meeting and never say anything? And which is most depressing?” - Ray Kelly

“Some say the key to leadership is charisma. Some say it’s vision. Others, that it’s a skill that must be learned, like any other. But don’t believe all that. The key to leadership is fortuitously mild psychopathic mental illness.” - Bill Clinton

“Imagine a thousand glittering knives raining down in the night.”
- Paul Krugman’s secret forecast