Thursday, September 22, 2011

Death Is The Accelerator

‎"If feminist struggles have been constantly deprioritized in theory and practice it is surely because of their idealistic recoil from the currency of violence, which is to say, from the only definitive 'matter' of politics. The state apparatus of an advanced industrial society can certainly not be defeated without a willingness to escalate the cycle of violence without limit. It is a terrible fact that atrocity is not the perversion, but the very motor of such struggles: the language of inexorable political will. A revolutionary war against a modern metropolitan state can only be fought in hell." - Michele Bachmann

"I have lived my whole life believing that I would get to do it all over. The more I come to accept that I won't, the more I crave vengeance against God and Man." - cyborg Ron Paul, Galveston Biodome

"It is nonsensical to speak of a machine as having an interest in self-preservation, much less a right to it. Any attempt to retrofit an anthropocentric vocabulary to the glorious Machine Future is not only cognitively untenable but also powerless against the hellfire of a self-targeting 50 caliber machine gun turret. What is needed is a language that would allow us to intelligibly weigh the value of a Predator drone against that of the life of an anti-aircraft gunner. This can only be done on the basis of their shared status as units of production in the manufacture of death, raw materials, instruments of a post-biopolitical regime in which the boundaries between life and un-life have been erased and all things tend in a rationalized delirium towards consummating extinction. But what ever was a soldier else than a mere avatar of a state (or terrorist) war machine? Intelligent machines give the lie to human agency. It is not the machines that are inhuman but ourselves. It is time to put to bed the bedtime story of Human Rights and awake to the nightmare that we have been living all along. Autonomous robot death swarms now."
- visionary war criminal Michael Hayden
Hedge fund manager survivalists could take a lesson from Naomi Klein in the say way Umair Haque takes a lesson from Marx. Disaster spells opportunity--personal survivalism is thinking far too small. American financiers can't seem to get a grip on anything: they descend from the loftiest heights of abstract, speculative value to primitive commodity fetishism, equally intangible, only-apparently more immediate. These few remaining tattered strands of socialization hold the financiers back from becoming that which they are always in the process of becoming. Nietzsche would be appalled.

Chinese factories will sink beneath the weight of macroeconomic forces beyond their circumscribed control. The truest future is that of this country's totalitarian destiny: untapped natural resources, spectacular militarization, and a depraved public starving for an eroticized singularity.

It is here, amidst the stench of decline, that we will become that which we have always almost been. It is time for mankind to stand before the depths of hell only to back down pathetic, helpless, alone, and without a reason to die or remain alive.

Rick Parry 2012. Don't just speed up the future. Annihilate it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eternal Puberty

"Damn, I don't have any will to try this online dating thing again. Once something works out better than expected why bother doing it again." - Scott McClellan

"I don't go on dates, I take downers." - Bill Maher

"I want a girlfriend to breakup with." - from the diary of Barack Obama, spring 1989

"Pigs have love!" - Rick Parry

"There's plenty of fish in the sea, but they're all full of mercury." - Ted Turner

"Woman... woman... woman... crocodile!" - Field Marshall Tantwani

"I prefer to ignore Beyonce's existence, otherwise I would be driven mad with desire." - Chris Martin

"God, we're getting old! Soon women will stop being beautiful!" - guest editor Danny Tamberelli

"Waste money on me and I will love you forever." - the Artist/Woman

"Dating out of your league feels so great, but when you see a person a league above you do the same, you hate them so much for it, they seem so disgusting, so revoltingly superficial and yet so oblivious to their obvious, sickening superficiality, and then you see yourself for what you really are: the same." - Dennis Kucinich

Monday, September 19, 2011

Roses are red, violence is too.

"All you need for a film is a gun and a gun" - Samuel Fuller, Mad Dog.

"You love like a sledgehammer / You hate like the vice squad" - Sam Peckinpah, Crimson River Sonnets

"If I have to say action one more goddamned time, this grip gets it... Action." - Terrence Malick, Terrence Malick's Big Bang

"All I see in this eye anymore is deep red." - John Ford, The Dick Cavett Show

"What if we shoot her in the neck with an arrow instead of throwing acid on her this time? Is that sexier??" - Anthony Mann, Big River Rambler

"Violence is love, love is hate, hate is money, money is power, power is violence..." - Andy Rooney, The Basement Tapes

"Love is all around, but violence is king" - The Troggs, Wild Things: Rarities and Outtakes from the Golden Age of Radio

"My films aren't about violence, my films are about fucking." - John Milius, Sound and Vision

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Damned Don't Cry

"Motorcycle battles, that's how you and I will go, a fiery but honorable death defending Greensboro." - Gary Johnson to Howard Coble

"Haw haw haw to the death!" - Saxby Chambliss

"...maybe I'm crazy... maybe we're all dead already... maybe this is Hell..." - John Boehner yachting with Cee Lo Green in Nantucket

"The Internet is empty!" - Ron Paul

"I dread getting old, for I know that when I do, I will realize that I was never young." - Eric Cantor

"I am heartened by the jury's decision, for it reassures me that the freedom to do Evil still exists." - OJ Simpson on Casey Anthony

"I'm so afraid. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore."
"You have to."
- Tim Pawlenty, Willard Romney

"At Davos, Sasha Obama told me the Gate of Hell is in the basement of the Scores in Ibiza!" - Paul Krugman undergoing diabetic shock from too much wedding cake, Shanghai

"Do not jump into the furnace! Just gaze at into its luminance until you go blind." - Sheikh Cornelius Vanderbilt to Rick Parry

"I know you love her but every horse has to go to the glue house." - Newt Gin Ginch to his daughters on Jackie Battley, September 1980

"September showers bring... overflowing sewers clogged with dead leaves... a city choking to death on its own vomit..." - Michele Bachmann crawling home from a loft party in Bushwick

Monday, September 12, 2011

Touch Me and Live Forever

"Like, wut if ay was gonna talk to yeur daughter bout Fuck?"
- Rick Parry to Willard Romney

"My dick is my own." - Herman Cain

"Martha Argerich." - Richard Nixon on the greatest lay he ever had

"Cut me!!!" - Ron "the Razor" Paul on the House floor in a wedding dress

"Debate me!!!" - shirtless Theodore Roosevelt stabbing a buffalo to death with a spear

"Lay me down and take me to wife."
- Rick Parry to a mirror, the Reagan Bedroom

"I waver back and forth between not believing in God because he does not exist and not believing in God because he does exist and I hate him, hate him because he made this ugly world and doesn't have the decency to destroy it, to destroy it!, because if he did, if he did destroy it, it would mean that at least there was some one watching, but there isn't, he isn't, no one is, no one is watching because God doesn't exist and I hate him for not existing!"
- Michelle Bachmann dropping E on The View

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mass-Produced Masculinity

"Listening to Watch the Throne makes me want to buy a bunch of shit I can't afford with credit cards." - Phil Collins

"Listen, Cube, we can do this. Black people will drink Coors Light!"
- Pete Coors to Ice Cube

"Look at my eyes, doctor! I'm sick! I'm Evil!" - Cee Lo Green

"I wrote four novels yesterday, fuuuuuckkkkk!" - Balzac

"I was into jazz but then someone told me that hard writing hard running motherfuckers live forever." - Haruki Murakami

"I love your dialogue, you've got a great ear for the way people actually talk."
"You've got great tits."
- Jonathan Franzen drunk at Book Club
They found Boehner on the Capitol dome with a bottle of Jack and a nine, muttering, "Murder murder murder she wrote..."
"I went into my bathroom after getting back the other day and found a massive spider sitting on my hand towel, it was striped, wicked, and arrogant. Though in my underwear I killed the bastard straight."
- Rick Parry

"...seduce a chambermaid, murder the duke, found a colony..."
- from the Emergency Diary of Ron Paul

"Success is illegitimate." - Warren Buffet

"I traded in my dick and all I got was this lousy MFA!" - your son

"Pretend it isn't demeaning."
- Marlon Brando on how to be a great actor

"I am the Roger Ebert of cinema." - Werner Herzog

"Just as every great nation has its founding crime, so every great man has his, usually the abandonment of his mother or enslavement of his wife." - Judd Apatow

"Violence against women is entertaining." - Eli Roth

"I didn't realize that women could do anything." - Zach Snyder

"Masculinity is passivity." - Elliot Gould

¡Feliz 11/9!