Monday, September 19, 2011

Roses are red, violence is too.

"All you need for a film is a gun and a gun" - Samuel Fuller, Mad Dog.

"You love like a sledgehammer / You hate like the vice squad" - Sam Peckinpah, Crimson River Sonnets

"If I have to say action one more goddamned time, this grip gets it... Action." - Terrence Malick, Terrence Malick's Big Bang

"All I see in this eye anymore is deep red." - John Ford, The Dick Cavett Show

"What if we shoot her in the neck with an arrow instead of throwing acid on her this time? Is that sexier??" - Anthony Mann, Big River Rambler

"Violence is love, love is hate, hate is money, money is power, power is violence..." - Andy Rooney, The Basement Tapes

"Love is all around, but violence is king" - The Troggs, Wild Things: Rarities and Outtakes from the Golden Age of Radio

"My films aren't about violence, my films are about fucking." - John Milius, Sound and Vision

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