Monday, September 12, 2011

Touch Me and Live Forever

"Like, wut if ay was gonna talk to yeur daughter bout Fuck?"
- Rick Parry to Willard Romney

"My dick is my own." - Herman Cain

"Martha Argerich." - Richard Nixon on the greatest lay he ever had

"Cut me!!!" - Ron "the Razor" Paul on the House floor in a wedding dress

"Debate me!!!" - shirtless Theodore Roosevelt stabbing a buffalo to death with a spear

"Lay me down and take me to wife."
- Rick Parry to a mirror, the Reagan Bedroom

"I waver back and forth between not believing in God because he does not exist and not believing in God because he does exist and I hate him, hate him because he made this ugly world and doesn't have the decency to destroy it, to destroy it!, because if he did, if he did destroy it, it would mean that at least there was some one watching, but there isn't, he isn't, no one is, no one is watching because God doesn't exist and I hate him for not existing!"
- Michelle Bachmann dropping E on The View

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