Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bin Laden Mansion Party Labelled "Disaster"

"This is the best videogame ever!" - Wolf Blitzer

"I deliver six pizzas a day there, it's someone big!" - the informant

"He died in a mansion in the suburbs of Islamibad?! Are you sure it wasn't the Wu Tang Clan?!" - Gen. David Petraeus

"Fuck! We were going to have lunch." - Pakistani ISI

"We are the aftershave of the blade of History!" - the CIA

"Where's the death certificate?" - Donald Trump

"You fools! You've killed Gaspar Llamazares!" - José Zapatero

"God, I'm such a failure." - George W. Bush

"It took ten years, two wars, $1.2 trillion dollars, and he still died in a mansion?! Charlie Sheen has a word for that." - Charlie Sheen

"Does this mean the party's over?" - Bill Clinton at Scores in Ibiza

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