Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Neptune's Spear

A SEAL tries to fit his cock into his firearm. Photo Credit: John Moore/Sex Herald

"Call of Duty is the largest commonality among Americans whose opinions change the quickest." - the Brookings Institution

"I want a team of commandos that will fuck our enemies like I fuck my friends' wives." - JFK, on the creation of the Navy SEALs

"The Memorial now has its Prettiest Star!" - Jareth, Goblin King

"My name is Sarah and I am 6 years old."
- Not the Case, Hackensack, NJ

"7-way Rape!" - WWE founder Joel Osteen

"Dude! This is like Where the Wild Things Are except your mom never calls you to dinner!" - Geraldo Rivera exclusive interview with one of Them

"The dead bodies of celebrities are spectacular." - Rob Lowe

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