Saturday, May 7, 2011

Banshee Scream of the Tiger Mother

"A Tiger Mom masturbates her child with popsicles."

"A Tiger Mom takes the garden sheers to her daughter's clitoris."
"A Tiger Mom makes sure her daughter only says 'nigger' at the dinner table."
"These children are ill!" - Dr. Spock

"A Tiger Mom cuts off her son's penis."
"A Tiger Mom arbitrarily takes away her child's food so that it learns who feeds it."

"A Tiger Mom has the voice of Ronald Reagan and the hands of Carol Burnett."
"Tiger Moms are cunts." - Edward Said

"A Tiger Mom teaches her daughter to cut her playmate's face."

"A Tiger Mom never picks up her daughter's Korean friend."

"Desire is its own law, for a Tiger Mother."

"Chastity is a lack of generosity." - The Tiger Mom

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