Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Break my heart! Smash my wheelbarrow!

"The secret to happiness is never loving any one as much as they love you." - Carla Bruni

"To love Rob Lowe is to be violated by the weight of History."
- Rob Lowe

"My heart and yours are the same and that heart is breaking."
- Rep. John Boehner

"Yeah, this is some Rob-Lowe-flying-over-the-city-grabbing-young-girls music!" - Bruce Springsteen

"Once you steal your friend's woman and then forget her, you can watch anyone die!" - Eric Clapton

"Something is wrong with his hands." - Judd Nelson on Robe Lowe

"This goddam pseudophedrine has turned my dick to jelly!"
- Tom Clancy
Dreamsicle sex and rainbow cocks
Cake frosting whippits and insulin shock
Hot pink nipples in leather bikinis
Lamb skin condoms and sour appletinis
All are welcome in the Garden of Regress
All shall succor from my pathological largesse.
- Rob Lowe at Delphi

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