Monday, May 16, 2011

Speed Up the Future

"It is not worth the bother of posting, since you always post too late." - Emil Cioran

More posts from the future that Rob Lowe traveled back in time to prevent from happening.

Hard Milk
Throat Bite
Sex Junction
Welcome to the Injustice of Testing
Doom Beard
Who's Gonna Go Marat?
Title/Tag Text Taffy
"Don't Be Evil" Is the New Nationalism
Coca-Cola Presents Blackwater
World Punked By Ancient Orson Welles
Vision of Tits: The Robert Redford Story
Punishing Vanity
New York Review of Boxed Wine
The New Guilded Age
Mustache Cruelty
Gubbermint Jawbs
Vitrolla Babylon
Hate Regimen
We Are the NATO We Are Looking For

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