Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is Goldman Sachs Speeding Up the Future? Part 1

Dear Raul,

Is Goldman Sachs speeding up the future? This article seems to think so, though it's author seems to have missed the fact.

Discussion item for a future series of beers at Lowlands:
How, and under what circumstances, can market-driven speculation be an asset to the progressive cause?

Provisional Answer A (the "Neo-liberal-leftist" answer): When asset commodity prices are kept artificially low by government intervention, thus slowing down the future, market speculation can correct for the downward price manipulation.

Provisional Answer B (the "Trotskyite" answer): Fuck you and your fucking category mistake, you motherfucker.

Provisional Answer C (the "social enterprise as liberation theology" answer): Under most circumstances, and the only reason you think it can't is because your disdain for synergies between capitalism and progressivism has condemned you to a life of bitter, self-righteous irrelevance. If The Future is a 180mph Ferrari that just crossed the Swiss border, you are an Italian cop with no jurisdiction.

Provisional Answer D: Only in the case of consumables.

Yours Truly,
Francis Fukuyama

P.S. Oh yeah, here’s the link, you motherfucker.


  1. More fake letters in the form of multiple choice critique, fewer lizard woman blow-jobs!

  2. That the above comment is not only intelligible but mordant is incredible. How far we have strayed from the world of men.

  3. Don't cross the Lizard Women copy blog!