Friday, March 11, 2011

White Jazz

"OOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" - John Coltrane attacking Newport by air

"Let's all meet in Kansas City, or, as the Count called it, the Narrows of Debasement." - Lester 'Prez' Young in Valhalla
"Basie, what the fuck was that?"
"It's my new
Movement of the Dead Children."
"Do you consider me a jazz samba singer?"
"Please don't kill my wife!!!!"
- Frank Sinatra, Antonio Carlos Jobim

"This party is off the chain! I am a Jazz Sage!" - President Nixon welcoming Duke Ellington to the White House
"Pay me what you owe me damn it! You're my hero and I want your money to validate it. Don't shirk an artist."

"I will pay you the money I owe, but tomorrow. Let me tell you this if: you interrupt my evening, bar my entrance to this club, or otherwise obstruct my lifestyle I will beat you without mercy."

- Charles Mingus to Duke Ellington at Blue Note
"My sound will only be truly smooth when I can devise a saxophone made entirely of lady hair." - Sam Getz

"Am I overrated?" - Chet Baker to his Pharmacist

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