Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pope Quotes

Pope Rex Tremendae Majestatis
Pope Chancre Apollo
Pope Complex Gingivitis
Pope Tube VIII
Pope £uciu$
Pope Œconomicus
Pope Gibson Fornicitus
Pope Virilus Gylenhaal
Pope Cox Humanus
Pope Darth Vader
Pope Milhous Nixon
Pope Barack Obama II

"When the See came to me in my dreams it was lying swimming through a pool of dry tongues." - Oscar Wilde on Pope Nex Arachnae

"My god, Lucius, that zeppelin is on fire and it's approaching the city!"
"That's no zeppelin, my love, that's Pope Bonificius Hydrolysis II!"

"I know you from my dreams, oh great Spider Tyrant!" - Stevie Wonder, Talking Book of Flesh

"I am pope of my own church, cur!!!" - Pope Kate Middleton

"Would I spit on the pope? I'd spit on his fucking tits." - Chester Briggs at the CT YMCA Model UN in a speech by his father, Sky Briggs.

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