Thursday, March 17, 2011

Doom Popes, Emersonian Hate, Women with Grapes, Razor Ball!

"Women are not more stupid than men, it's just that many men believe this because they will spend more time talking to a stupid woman than to a stupid man. Why? Because such men are the lowest rung of insectoid being." - Orson Welles to a steak

"Duck walkin', wind millin', power chordin', xylophone burnin' Sky Briggs!!!!!" - US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice

"To me it is hatred only in the Emersonian sense,
The hatred that causes a man to flee his stifling country and build a cabin in the New World,
The hatred of the dirt earth that leads to zeppelin,
The hatred of polka that leads to salsa,
The hatred of the dog that leads to embrace of the dog."
- Giuseppe Garibaldi on the blog

"Man, my balding is slow-motion, like the unification of Italy."
- the Editors

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