Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wakefulness Is Hatefulness, pt. 2

11:15 PM

Pat: this fucking day light savings time has totally wrecked me
i got 3 hours of sleep maximum then had to fly across the damn country and the airline randomly stops in LA
i didn't agree to that when i paid!

11:16 PM

me: what the fuck

Pat: the flight from LA to San Jose is literally just throwing a plane though the air for 25 minutes till it lands in the north

11:17 PM

me: you should get a partial refund from the air carrier

Pat: there's probably a contractual clause about this that says "fuck you, free bag check shut up!"
goddamn it i have do an interview w/ an interpreter tomorrow
God mocks me again for not learning Spanish

11:18 PM

Pat: nothing makes sense, death flees men and dogs take their place with the women

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