Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Time for a Heart to Heart

"Why don't you write me those mean letters anymore?"
"Because I'm a cartoon."
- Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas

"I've figured it all out: it's the Jews!"
"Listen you need to take some time off."
- Dean of the Blog to VP for Development

"Does this mean I could lose the penthouse?"
"Yes, all is lost! We will be reduced to timeshare."
- Saif and Jack Lemmon Qaddafi

"I'm converting to Catholocism and joining Tony Blair at Macao, this time I fucking mean it." - Ali Abdullah Saleh to the National Security Council

"If your seed ever touches the ground, England will fall." - HM QEII to Prince William on his wedding day

"Is it the sores again?"
"No this is something different, something I can't buy away..."
- Hu Jintao and Rupert Murdoch

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