Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thunder the Drums and Light the Torch! Thunderstruck!

"That's what I told him at the reception. We laughed the sweet laugh of battle."
- Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden on the Sarkozy Reception

"Man this new Strokes album is pretty fun."
"Ugh really? Get over your pathetic youth."
"Get the hell out of my house! I can't breathe here!"
- Your Friends

"I want to surf onto the shores of Tripoli, naked but for the ammunition." - Hadassah Lieberman

"What if someone says Nashville is the capital of France. You wouldn't say, "Well, WE think that's wrong, but who's to say it's wrong for this guy?"
"An objective morality is the mad dream of solipsism."
- The Vapor and The Steam

"If you buy it you will come." - APPLE

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