Monday, March 7, 2011

Hard Cider

"I'm on that dust getting totally steamed." - Angela Merkel

"Listen, I'll make it easy: all eight seasons of Full House on DVD, the Russian women's judo team at my villa in San Juan del Sur, and a getaway plane full of scones." - Muammar el-Qaddaffi

"When the revolution comes, I'll turn his vicious mansion into the Institute of Brass." - Anderson Cooper on Thomas Friedman

"Panic is the only justifiable emotion." - Natalie Portman

"I sleep but it brings no rest!
"Why sleep when it is better to ride jet skis?"
- Charlie Rose, Vladimir Putin

"Fortitude?  Strength? What would you know of staring into that empty bowl, holding your empty gut, wishing with everything you had that once, just once, you could shit when you wanted to and not have to crap your pants?"  - Newt Gingrich, officially announcing his candidacy to his parlour maid

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