Monday, March 14, 2011

Hate Catechism

The eight-legged Pope Araneus Horribilis divided the Church with his Doctrine of the Flesh. During the ensuing schism, his papacy resided at Notre Dame, which he covered in a sticky, silver film ejected from his mouth-anus. The exterior we know today is but the calcified remains of his ejaculate.
"In the absence of God, only shame can maintain a simulacrum of morality. That is why Catholicism is the most avant-garde faith." - Pope Araneus Horribilis, Gospel of Flesh

"I am the prophet. I speak with the voice of ten thousand angels. Yamoussoukro, Marseilles, Rabat, Dakar, Port-au-Prince, Bamako, Paris, Hanoi, I am your Joan of Arc, your unspoiled lamb." - Serge Gainsbourg

"I am the French Church." - Charles de Gaulle

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