Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turn of the Screw

"The sentences of Henry James are rocks shoved down the throats of his intelligent readers to make liver pâté for his unintelligent ones."
- William James

"The novels of Henry James are like fine Parisian hotels requisitioned by the gestapo for the torture not of resistance fighters but of the English language." - Vladimir Nabokov

"Henry James is the greatest American writer for whom English was a foreign language." - Joseph Conrad

"Nabokov faults every other writer in history for not being himself, which, while true, is not useful." - Peter Sellers

"The care he took of his body was reasonable; there was no solicitous anxiety to prolong its existence, or to embellish its appearance."
- Harry Reid on John Boehner

"Is a point round?" - Mikhail Khodorkovsky

"I am no longer the man I fell in love with." - Tony Hayward

"Don't Ask Don't Tell should never be repealed. Combat purifies homosexual touch by replacing erotic desire with the death drive.  Remove the repression and you lose the beauty both of battle and gay love."  - Anderson Cooper

"I will film myself thinking about myself in perpetuity on the basis of permanent financial security." - Werner Herzog, NEA grant application

"Kill me!" - Bugs Bunny

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