Monday, November 1, 2010

Nuance Is Ideology

"No one wants to read your post-colonial vanity blog."
- Nicholas Kristof

"I am literally saying nothing." - Andrew Sullivan

"The problem with Munich is that it portrays Palestinian terrorism farce and Mossad vengeance as tragedy, when the truth is so clearly opposite." - Steven Spielberg

"Strategically, the left-wing needs the Anarchist as canon fodder, in the same way that for Lincoln the Clone War would have been a failure without the Slave." - George Lucas

"When I was sent to negotiate with Chavez after the sack of D.C., he demanded the city's weight in silicone and gold. I asked what then, what would be left for the people of Washington? Like an arrogant barbarian he laughed and said 'Their lives!'" - David Broder, 2015

"Yes they do love me don't they? Actually before the rally I passed a starving woman and her child on the street. They asked me why I couldn't save them. Hey, I'm just a comedian!" - Jon Stewart to Haley Barbour at the Meat Club

"Love is as much a prejudice as Hate. Now more than ever we need alienation. All our empathy, all our affection, all our so-called humanity and every petty fondness and sentiment it entails we must abandon as pitilessly as we once did our bigotry. Morality is a matter of arithmetic, nothing more. It is a matter of those who have and those who have not." - Stephen Colbert

"Mad Men 2067: a seductive period drama about the shocking truth of the 'good old days' of the last great newspapers, centering around an intrepid jounalist who shills ad copy masquerading as arts criticism. Sunday nights on Al-Jazeera, brought to you by Google." - Robot Roger Ebert

"The Lizard Woman said that if I was pliant, I could lie with her forever in the grotto." - Bill Clinton

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