Sunday, November 14, 2010

Love's a Bitch

"It’s about a man and his wife who no longer speak the same language. The dog they take on walks then intervenes and speaks. How I’ll do it, I don’t yet know. The rest is simple." - Godard on his next last film, Adieu au langage

"If the Russian people had half the heart of Koni, I'd beat them like Koni." - Putin on his dog, Koni.

"I had a horrible nightmare where my mother was the witch from Suspiria the other night." - George W. Bush

"Everything I ever learned about love and women I learned in my father's bar. Not that women were allowed in the bar, but the shape of the room was distinctly similar to a certain feature of the female anatomy." - John Boehner

"How can you not get laid? Your standards are too high, or you drink liquor that's too good." - Bill O'Reilly to Keith Olberman

"OK Cupid is GHB for your sense of dignity." - Robert Scoble

"What an ugly, meaningless farce." - Jim Carey's marriage

"I'd rather be burning trash in my yard." - Ben Bernanke, Thanksgiving dinner

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