Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Œconomy, or, The Right Disposal of Things to Their Proper Ends

"Give a child an allowance of $5 a week to teach him inadequacy, loss, and anxiety and install in him the permanent feeling that he can never make it up enough to the kind Hand that granted him the Treat." - Dave Eggers

"Keynes is the devil! All our problems are a problem of supply! The Child is full of too much blood, empty him!" - Alan Greenspan at Ayn Rand's, Midtown 1962

"I'm donating all my industrialist grandfather's coats to charity."
"Because I can't think of anything that would infuriate him more."
"Gee, that's funny my Pop-Pop would have loved that!"
- The Editors to Rory John Gates Jr.

"Everything changed when I realized that money derived its value from sovereign fiat instead of from worthless fetish-metals." - Rand Paul

"One thing you're right about: no one actually has a plan for creating jobs, absent an actual stimulus (e.g. WPA2).
"Or we could just go Stalinist and build like 600 lamp factories, then throw away the lamps."
"That is probably the best option."
- Jan Schakowsky (D - Illinois), Charlie Rose

"The entire point of, forget my career, my entire field is to deal with the problems that face us now. To see all that work, all that history, all those lives go to waste--the lessons of eighty years systematically ignored--precisely when they are needed most? Well that just makes me want to spend the rest of my autumn years fucking whores in Thailand." - Joseph Stiglitz to Michel Houellebecq

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