Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stalin or Stalin

"Socialism is pearls before swine." - Adam Smith

"Redistribution of wealth is but flushing the economic toilet." - Bill Gates

"NYC Schools to Be Run By Another Media Executive" - NY Times

"Kanye West > Matthew Barney." - Jeff Koons

"Film is propaganda." - Bob Hope

"What an asshole." - Oprah on Conan

"Look, learn what you're going to learn from this and turn the lesson into an abstraction so that you don't have to remember the experience." - Al Cowlings

"The Enlightenment: From Spinoza to Robespierre, 117 Years that Broke the Back of Intellectual History" - a new book by Ryan Ruby
"Do you describe yourself as a nihilist?"
"Insofar as I bother to describe myself."
- John Boehner on Charlie Rose

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