Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Post That Has Nothing To Do With Women

"For the last fucking time, I'm not Omar Sharif!" - Tariq Ali

"Yeah, he's the man with his finger on the pulse of Britain's cock."
- William Gladstone on Benjamin Disraeli

"I love it! A whole world run by Joe Bidens!" - Joe Biden, on the Wikileaks diplomatic cables

"I can see into the future with this moustache. When I saw what they did to Kafka I knew I couldn't go out like some punk bitch. That's why I sealed the autobiography for a century, and that's why you're buying it now when I knew the world would be ready for my message of socialism, pacifism, and mordant hate." - Mark Twain on Charlie Rose, Live from Delos

"Subjectivity qua synthesis of self-consciousness and action is the condition of freedom. In the hour of its great revolution against feudalism, the bourgeoisie was once a subject, a subject which made of men both great and small its errandboys and playthings. But Spectacular Capitalism has robbed the bourgeoisie of even this dignity by enslaving it to ideology. Thus the subject of History now is capitalism itself, and every man is its object. There can be no subjectivity--and thus no freedom--until there is no capitalism."
- Carla Bruni

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