Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Consolations of Philosophy

"Like all cowards, my one true dream is to wield legitimized violence from afar." - The Editors

"President Bush said the only way to be strong is to drink the blood of children orphaned by war." -Nestor Kirchner

"If people are dogs, then I am Michael Vick." - Mike Huckabee

"The true calling of any great race is to exterminate itself." - Barack Obama

"No God but God, no violence but sexual violence." - Silvio Berlusconi
Q: Why do school shootings happen?
A: Why shouldn't they?
"The problem with Hamas, for example, is not that their anti-Semites. It's that they are Utopians." - Abdulllah II of Jordan

"No, I'm probably incorrect. I would still have become president if I hadn't quit drinking, but I might have prevented 9/11." - George W. Bush to Matt Lauer

"Can anything that gives the game away, makes explicit the terms and conditions of life—be a consolation?  Rather, one suspects it is the opposite, the one form of life, after which, all consolation becomes impossible.  Work, Art, Religion, Family, Health, Politics: these are all consolations in the proper sense of the word.  Led by its bourgeois vanguard, which has liberated, on principle, millions from the limitations of survival, humanity attempts to console itself in and for its decades of free time, its decades of boredom, its decades-long queuing up for execution.  Philosophy is a consolation only insofar as it forgets that the problems with which it deals—those of Work, Art, Religion, Family, Health, Politics—are problems of its own invention, the solution to all of which, at this late date in history, is possible, easy, even self-evident: the atom bomb." - Alain de Botton

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