Monday, November 15, 2010

Love's a Bitch, Part 2

"Tigers chasing down peasants! Burning fields of wheat! Gleaming pyramids of polished skulls! Alina!!!!" - Putin at Primal Scream Therapy, Seoul 2010

"When I die here she will be tied to the great rocket which sends me to celestial battle on the planet Saturn." - Putin on Alina

"Why don't you shut up and touch these elbows?" - Jenny Sanford to Brian Williams, NBC News 2011

"Stoned blind and out of his mind is what he has to be!" - Garth Brooks comforting Tipper Gore

"Because you don't hate me like she hates me!"
- Vanessa Hudgens, Zack Efron

"When I'm beating her I'm thinking of you."
- Frank Sinatra to Jerry Lewis

"I have rejected love because I want to make myself invulnerable. The only weakness I have left is my mounting loneliness. It's only a matter of time until the wrong woman comes along, and I am undone by my own hand. One way or another, love destroys us all." - Ken Starr

"People will say that my work is too autobiographical. 'No one cares about your breakup,' they'll say. I prefer not to think of what I do as self-expression. Instead, I see it as evidence of material determinism: our gross animal bodies hold sway even over the kingdom of the mind." - Katy Perry

"Ms. Warren will you accept my invitation or do you do me a dishonor?" - Sen. Jeff Sessions R-AL to Elizabeth Warren

"The nuclear family is the strip mall of social institutions. You can get anything there, except the real thing." - Henry Fonda

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