Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tony Scott, The Other Scott

"I'm living proof that ADHD doesn't have to be a disability." - Tony Scott

"We never got to make the Nat Turner gladiator picture." - a wistful Denzel Washington

"At last... I can finally... rest..." - Christopher Walken, first nap in twelve years

"Cancel the high-speed rail, there's no fucking point now." - Barack Obama

"I just imagined all those planes up there were dolphins doing it, Jimminy!" - Reagan after watching Top Gun

"Hey, spaz, put the fucking flight suit on." - Toy Scott to a young Tom Cruise

"What's goddam Haley Joel Osment doing on my set?"
- Tony Scott to Keira Knightly on the first day of Domino

"I want your character to open the door to the closet, but the difficulty will be fitting all ten thousand cameras in the room to cover every possible angle." - Tony Scott, to John Travolta in Disco Mystic: The Kanye West Story

"I'm a real American!" - Michael Mann rejecting Tony Scott's script for Boer War 

"You'll never mean half to me what Denzel meant to Tony." - Ridley Scott lashing out at Russell Crowe

"Scott's visual style is so staggering that it can hardly be imitated, much less parodied, still less adequately conveyed through the written word, and least of all mocked in some adolescent blog post."
- Manhola Dargis

"Perhaps one day this century will be known as Tony Scottian."
- Michael Bay

"Here, I'll go first."
"The hell you will!"
- Tony Scott, Sam Fuller, Sidney Lumet, and James Brown fighting over the pistol while playing doubles Russian roulette in Hell

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