Monday, August 27, 2012

In Remembrance of the Race

"One way or another, everyone's life is ruined. The question is how." - Wade Michael Page

"I don't know if you noticed, Wolf, but the President is black." - Mitt 'Hit Reset' Romney

"White America is what lies between a Little League baseball diamond and a Texas prison cell." - Werner Herzong, addressing the RNC

"Each ethnic group is a distinct Rita Hayworth." - the Council on Foreign Relations

"What more wretched a place would a white man submit himself to on a daily basis than the New York City subway system?"
"The conjugal bed."
- Michael Bloomberg, Christine Quinn

"I urge us all to come together and leave chemical weapons in the hands of white people where they belong." - Dick Lugar in Moscow

"Philip, I just had a dream that the Jamaicans were all blonde!" - Her Majesty, awaking in the night

"The Scum Bag Spectrum: Tom Sizemore... Ray Liotta... Michael Madsen..." - Zhang Yesui,  Understanding White American Masculinity

"This reminds me of that scene in Hannibal where Hannibal feeds that guy his own brains." - Roger Cohen, watching the Olympics while grinding Tylenol into his whiskey

"Let's put it this way: No Chinese politician needs suspenders to keep his pants up." - Hu Jintao

"It's said that we don't speak language, language speaks us. Why isn't it the same for everything? It's not that I hate America. America hates itself through me." - George Zimmerman

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