Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Working Man

"Governor, how do you balance your love of Springsteen with your hatred of the working man?"
- Katie Couric, Chris Christie

"The first great discovery a man makes is that ours is a class society. The second is that nothing can change this." - Mitt Romney

"Welcome to the White Boy Café, where the only thing on the menu is pain." - R. W. Fassbinder

"The most important thing is that we distance ourselves from this as much as possible." - NCAA President Mark Emmert on Penn State

"Do you know what's the worst part of being a failure at the age of twenty-three?"
"No, what is it?"
"The rest of your life."
- Jamie Waylett, E! News interview

"The sword forgives even as it cuts." - Lloyd Blankfein carving a swath through the poor
Commies are red
Coppers are blue
Vengeance is sweet
One divides into two
- Kris Kristofferson, Shake Hands with the Wall
"It's still going to be banal, but at least it will have a dick in it." - Michael Fassbender on anything he does

"Jesus, Henry, what the hell do I do?"
"Remember, Mr. President, they are miniature psychopaths. Like the Communist, the only thing they understand is force."
- Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger babysitting

"I've run up against a very basic problem: I don't believe the work we do here matters. I have not the slightest spontaneous inclination to do my work well, or even to do it at all, because I literally see no difference between 'good' work and 'bad' work, or, for that matter, between 'good' and 'bad.'" - Richard Clarke, declassified memo

"I had a great time meeting the Dalai Lama. He told me about the Four Noble Truths: Life is suffering, Suffering is caused by desire, Suffering can be stopped, Suffering can be stopped by allowing the job creators to satisfy their desires." - Mitt Romney, world leader

"You'll never fucking retire." - Michael Bloomberg to an outdated fax machine

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