Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sex Creature From the Skies!

"We are the Batman and Robin of the ancien regime! To patriarchy and the Tsar!" - Paul Ryan at the Romney/Ryan Rally for Reactionary Retrenchment, Roanoke

"Paul Ryan is in the race, now things can get real Fuck!" - Wolf Blitzer

"I just keep giving up more for less and less."
"Yeah, now you now how people who have payroll taxes feel."
- Mitt and Eric Ferhrstrom

"Sevens or snake-eyes damned if I can tell!" - Barack Obama leaping upon the craps table and punching Jay Carney in the face

"Human beings are hardly even people." - Paul Ryan condemning the poor to Eternal Night

"Dance with me and live forever." - Rafalca

"Medicare Is For Pussies!" - Romney/Ryan 2666

"What if we don't even fucking matter anymore?" - Tagg to his brothers

"The boy reminds me of myself before I inhaled the gold dust in Denali." - Ron Paul on Paul Ryan

"I'm harder than Chinese algebra." - David Koch, on the Pick

"... a kind of... supersensual abstraction... a pure electricity of the thighs... an infinite sexual delight..." - John Boehner to Mitt Romney at Paul Ryan's coming of age/circumcision ceremony

"An evil daemon crosses the sky! Do you not see it?!" - Barack Obama to Jim Messina, taking mescaline under the burning desert sun

"Late summer despair... a dark wood at the edge of town... the murmur of a thousand distant voices... every one of them, screaming..." - Ann Romney receiving transmission from the planet Equus

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