Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Night That Will Last Forever

"I'd rather live in the presence of truth than work in the production of lies." - Mike Huckabee on why he left politics for FOX News

"I prefer rosé. Does that make me a faggot?" - Willard Romney to Paul Ryan

"We're cows that herd themselves." - Paul Ryan, quietly to himself, surveying the WI State Fair

"Every good Texas doctor knows a cow's uterus is full of gold." - Ron Paul narration in RNC tribute video, Dr. Paul and the Republic of Self

"Everything is disposable." - Tim Pawlenty to Bruno Mars

Joe Biden Challenges Paul Ryan to Train Race Across Asian Steppes

"Governor, things obviously aren't going well, what can you do to turn it around?"
"Well, David, I could rely on my faith, but clearly I don't want to discuss that."
"So what is there?"
"I have five strapping sons and a magical, dancing horse that cures MS."
- David Gregory and Mitt Romney

"Just get in the sauna with me, I'll prove it all." - Todd Akin

"Where are we?!" - Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush trapped in Limbo after flying a Cesna into the eye of Hurricane Isaac

"Not the onions!" - John Boehner chained to Eric Cantor's basement floor

"Bitch, bitch, bitch. I'm sorry I'm not more complex. I'm sorry I'm not you. I'm just doing what I do, and if you don't like it, then try to stop me." - Barack Obama 

"What I'm looking for is a night that will last forever. An impenetrable darkness you can wrap around you like a shawl. Something mysterious, yet familiar. Something, maybe someone, to keep the skin warm while the whole world turns to ice." - Joe Biden, composing a letter to Brenda Jackson by candle light, Rehoboth Beach, DE

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