Sunday, February 20, 2011

Watch Your Back, Swine

"Yo, once your bitchass son goes on TV for you, your Drag Queen days are over." - Franz Ferdinand

"I am the mother bird. All Freedom comes from my esophagus!"  - Vladimir Putin

"I have designed a cape that turns bullets into cocoa beans!  Take my hand, and we will away in my cheetah-powered dirigible!" - Sky Briggs in Pearl Square

"The audience is an ecclesiastical vanity." - King Abdullah II

"Dictators may suspend constitutions, but the People suspend causality." - Roger Cohen

"Counter-democratic violence unfolds in earnest across the Middle East.  Helicopters strafe reporters in Manama, soldiers grenade crowds in Taiz, police shoot down protesters in Benghazi, traffic cops beat shopkeepers in Damascus, and who knows what's really happening in Tehran. And where is the White House? Isn't it easy, Mr. Obama, when it's only a matter of broken promises and duplicitous speech? Not so easy when our clients of convenience murder people in the streets. And yet still you speak of peaceful protest, 'restraint on both sides,' and vaguely condemn violence without naming any names--all to protect the military bases from which we spread our own violence and mayhem across the Arab world. Circle the wagons, imperialist scum. The natives are coming."  - Malia Obama

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