Friday, February 25, 2011

The Vanity Mirror They Call History

"This evil blog is generating eminence at a geometric rate!"- a scientist

"We are teenage boys." - the Editors

"I'm serious, I picture Connery getting a girl naked and watching her body flex as she struggles to open the jar of cocktail garnishment." - an Editor

"We need to do an entry on baldness."
"No, let's wait 18 to 48 months."
- the Editors

"You can't go bald when you hate every moment of living." - Michael Caine, the set of Blame It On Rio

"Jesus, this is the most productive month ever on the blog. We are all damned to hell."
"Really? That seems unbelievable. You know what it is? The last fucking time was practically me and you. Now we've got people feeling horny and blog ready."
- the Gracchi

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