Monday, February 14, 2011

Hate Fumes

"Jesus Christ, incredible!" - Sen. Kent Conrad, watching Al Jazeera, stuffing his mouth with cherries until dragged from the bar in Biloxi Ranch, ND

"Haha, no, we wouldn't team up, I don't think. You see, Batman is a lawless vigilante, and my job as the President is to bend him to the will of the Law without mercy." - Pres. Obama in response to a child's question, Coral Cables, FL

"If by treachery or fate this Executive Branch were infested by a tyrannical alien parasite, then, under my direction, we would all take mercury together." - Pres. Ronald Reagan, Cabinet Meeting 1983

"Tonight we ride on dolphinback, a cavalry of angler fish at our fins. Tyrants shall be torn asunder on the mighty narwhal's tusk. Let the stars shimmer in our wake." - Sky Briggs, Fund Raising Director, GOProud

"Beyond the wall, there was a wall higher still...." - the last writings of the blind Sheikh Jimmy Carter

"Bring me 40 pounds of government cheese next winter or you'll die like worms." - Smokey the Bear, Dept of the Interior

"I had so many quotes I can't remember, what does it matter, it wouldn't have changed anything." - The Editors

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