Saturday, February 5, 2011

No More Leaders

"Or, what if no one got what they wanted?" - Barack Obama at Tahrir Square

"I dunno, Barry, I feel like we're really missing the boat on this one." - Joe Biden

"The dolphins are trained and ready to go. I've armed the landmines around my summer cottage. What's holding up the mustache raft? They need me in Suez!" - Vladimir Putin

"Tunisia, you fucking crazy radical goddam socialist sonsuvbitches!" - Anderson Cooper

"I am honored by the term, 'opposition figure'. Wake the fuck up. I am not in charge. The People are. As it is said in Tunis, 'There are no more leaders, and that is a good thing.'" - Mohamed ElBaradei

"We will not rest until Hosni Mubarak--"
- A protester, Nicholas Kristof, Tahrir Square

"President Bush would've known what to do! Woosh. Vrooommm. Wheeeeee!" - George W. Bush playing airplane

"After eight and a half years of vicious war and five years of instability under the abortive Articles of Confederation, the United States of America established themselves as the first fully secular, non-monarchial, democratic republic state of modern history, and liberty and democracy have persisted there ever since, some two hundred and twenty two years. But, I tell you, the Egyptian Exchange cannot endure another week of devaluation!" - Hillary Clinton Tyrannis

"This lipstick makes me feel like Christopher Columbus!" - Hosni Mubarak

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