Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Critics Respond

"Hmm... Radiohead... yeah... I should say something about this." - Andre 3000

"It's spacey, you sing like a ghost, there are some sick beats, yeah, I don't find this in need of further iteration." - Jared Loughner

"This album is pretty funny, very 'the rapist.'" - Phil Spector

"I could drum to this." - Ringo Starr
Riddle: What wakes a man in the morning that is neither dog nor woman?
Answer: That disgusting Radiohead album.
"No one reviews Radiohead albums. They review the way people review Radiohead albums." - Pitchfork, An Apology
"What about Radiohead?"
"Well, yyyeahhh--"
Byrne sneezed out some sort of jelly.
"Can you see?" - Chris Martin to Thom Yorke

"I only feed my cats brie." - Thom Yorke

"Still, if this were the sixties, it would have been Pablo Honey 1964, The Bends 1965, OK Computer 1966, Kid A/Amnesiac 1968-69, Hail to the Thief late 1969, In Rainbows 1970, then contractual disputes and Thom's 'girlfriend' break up the band." - Pres. Jimmy Carter

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