Friday, February 25, 2011

Outer Heaven

"Assange may be a sonuvabitch, but he's our sonuvabitch." - the People

"War is what we make it." - Angela Merkel to Benjamin Netanyahu

"I'd fuck Henry Clay." - Dolley Madison

Wage Stagnation Inversely Proportional to Rise of Sitcom and Prescribing of Psychosuppressants to Dogs - The Daily Beast

"You read about hard and bad shit, and it's supposed convey sadness and understanding to another human being, right? All I feel is elation and swollen potential." - Jim Murphy MP

"Fuck the no-fly zone. We're sending in one man. Solid Snake." - Ban Ki-Moon

"This plan is insane, Colonel! It will be nothing but endless war, bloodshed, the riches of Libya divided among nations--"
"That's right, Snake. It will be...OUTER HEAVEN!!!!"

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