Monday, February 7, 2011

Four, Five, Six... Gaza Will Be Next

"The reason why it is, I won't say stupid, but, beside the point to say 'We are all Egyptians' or 'We are all Palestinians' is that, in most contexts, political solidarity depends not on identification but on an ability to disinterestedly evaluate the situation of others and confirm that their grievances are real and their demands justified." - Nicholas Kristof

"You know what, you're right. You can have it." - Benjamin Netanyahu

"This isn't happening! It's not happening! McGovern! Nassar! Bull-Moose! Arabs!!!" - Marty Peretz, found under a bridge wrapped in old Commentary

"What I'm saying is, freedom and democracy, solidarity and velvet revolution, are great, but not in Jerusalem." - Peter Beinart

"Alright let me level with you. I've never known a thing about foreign policy or the world, I'm not even a AAA member. I just show up at my Think Tank and I pick up the cards, the blue ones." - Robert Kaplan asked on deep background about his NYT Op-Ed on Why Tunisia's Revolution Won't Spread

"iPad's are the solution." - Thomas Friedman

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