Saturday, February 12, 2011

Band on the Run

"The night the people marched, I dreamed of an ashen-faced deGaulle, and he bid me join him in Hell!" - Ben Ali at Hempfest 2011, Santa Cruz

"Ducky ducky, rubber ducky, I am still your Queen, now I am going to the sea." - Hosni Mubarak

"Hands off the dice, baby."
"This is between me and her!"
- Recep Erdoğan to Abdelaziz Bouteflika

"We will be fine. My wife is an explosion on the people's desire." - Abdullah II bin al-Hussein

"What do you mean, 'No Vacancy'?" - Ali Abdullah Saleh, Four Seasons Riyadh Kingdom Centre

"Biden said I could keep the jet ski of my choice." - Nouri al-Maliki boarding Jet Blue Flight 221

"Can the People do this?" - Bashar al-Assad, performing one-armed push-ups

"Unlike most leaders of this region, I will not be fooled when the Zionists cast their spell. When the oceans part and the shiny riches of the sea are revealed, I will not run out to them, no matter their luminescence!" - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"While my tigers mate, no man may take Riyadh!" - Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz

"Eventually you stop worrying that your neighbors' homes are exploding and just enjoy the spooling of the flames." - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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