Sunday, October 21, 2012

Table Scraps from the Beggar's Banquet

"Every weekend is a free fall." - a young Adorno in the Potsdamer Platz

"If God wanted us to love each other, why did he make hate feel so good?" - James Carville

"Oh, the petty age we live in, with its petty wars and its petty struggles, its people who fight for an uglier world." - Hillary Clinton, idly overturning chess pieces while gazing out an airship window

"To attain the minor mythos of the brat is the chief social, political, and lifestyle goal of our generation: the individual entering a world of stasis that reacts only to her, like a stone thrown into a pond." - Harmony Korine

"Mother, they're all dead!"
"Shh, it's all right, son. I killed them."
- Jimmy Carter, Lillian Gordy Carter

"Poverty doesn't make people into criminals. People become criminals because they have criminal natures. Poverty just limits their opportunities to express their criminal natures in socially legitimate ways, like becoming cops, prosecutors, judges, bosses, managers, bankers, financiers, consultants, politicians, teachers, or the heads of stable, nuclear families." - Bill Cosby

"The skin barely hangs on to these people." - Elizabeth Warren, touring the Senate Chamber and suddenly regretting everything

"What was that beautiful silence? All the gears of power grinding to a halt? It was a dream." - Charlie Rose racing out of his tent in the middle of the night, Linville Gorge, NC

"I'd rather kill myself than play the cards I have left." - a good idea

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