Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy's Back in Town

"We are the Lost Battalion!"
- an army of NYC rats burns Toronto on the road to Sudbury

"You ever fucked on a sandbag bed?"
- Al Roker to a stranded Charlie Rose

Millions Feign Disappointment at Being Unable to Return to Work

"Evacuation is unpatriotic." - Wen Jiabao

Gears of Capital Grind to Halt, Manhattan at Mercy of Occupy

"In Bloomberg's New York, even the hurricanes arrive on time."
- an admiring David Brooks, Bloomberg's Ark

"Gov. Chris Christie has called for a 'Placating Sacrifice' of Bruce Springsteen to Sea and the Sleeping and Ceaseless One.'"
- Brett Baier, Atlantic City Whirlpool

Soaked New England Takes Drunken Swing at Mid-Atlantic

"I saw mounted police, thrown through the air like so many dandelions."
- Rutger Hauer on the Winds

"Distribute the horse meat to the poor!"
- Mayor Bloomberg's last order before the sinking of City Hall

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