Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Spit on Your Grave

"He would do anything to stay in the limelight." - Robert Evans

"Looking back on his life, we can see he really changed nothing." - Bill Clinton stopping at a Dunkin Donuts, Rhode Island

"As his fellow unjustifiably respected 'moderate,' I can say that he will not be missed." - Sen. John McCain

"Sen. Specter did more for our Commonwealth than any man since Franklin. It is therefore with a heavy heart that, because the Senator's corpse was unable to produce photo ID at the Philadelphia County morgue, I hereby deprive him of the rites of mourning and internment and condemn his body to rot in the sun." - Gov. Tom Corbett

"I say let's get liquored up and go to the Cherry Blossom Festival!" - Alan Arkin as Arlen Specter

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