Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dilbert Goes to Hell

"At work, I play Marnie Stern to get pumped up when I'm tired, and Bach to cool my nerves when I feel like killing my boss. What a contemptible betrayal of these great works of art." – Adorno

“Every one thinks that their office is the worst. They are right.” – Stalin

"I mean, my god, I just can't do this anymore." - a drone pilot suffering button fatigue

"Just as the contemplation of suicide gets one through many a bad night, so the thought of quitting gets one through many a Wednesday." - Nietzsche

"Nothing more eloquently expresses the spirit of our times than the refrain of workers, heard from Wal-Mart to Google, that unions are 'not for this company.'" - Romney

"In the future, there won't even be police officers, just managers." - Ray Kelly

"If only I were just a bad man, if only this were just an evil place... But no... Everywhere is like this, and I am every man." - Bloomberg

“An office worker is in his backyard. Usually he does overtime, but today he went home early. Despite the mounting papers on his desk. Despite the martial advance of deadlines. He went home early for no particular reason. He sits in his backyard, looking at the light of the setting sun on the trees, watching the wind in the movements of the leaves. He listens to the chirping of concealed birds. The creaking of a red fence. The pleasantly muffled roar of the nearby highway. He can shift his attention from one sensation to the next with the precision of a motion picture. Cinema is a way of being in the world, he thinks. Of looking at it, inhabiting it, moving through it. A plane unzips the sky overhead.” - Barack Obama, the Moviegoing Diaries

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