Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Freedom Voices

"I'm cool, and I'm bipartisan, man, don't worry. I'm going to cover the whole gamut of foreign policy and I'm going to shoehorn a musical into this thing." - Bob Schieffer

"If you get nervous just pretend my face is everywhere." - Biden calms the POTUS

"Governor Romney is going to make a lot of claims tonight. He's going to claim he played clavinet on Miles Davis's Get Up With It. Well, he didn't." - POTUS

"I hope everyone at home is listening because I just heard the President of this country claim we have not always been at war with Oceania!" - Mitt Romney

"The Chinese don't work for you, loser, they work for me!"
"Everybody shut the fuck right up!"
- Bob Schieffer sets the tone early

"Cracked. Whipped. Buzzed. Glazed. Burnt. Sawed-off. It was a sexy fucking time!" - Harry Reid

"Mr. President, Governor, if an unmanned machine kills an entire wedding party in the flats of Yemen, does it make a sound?" - Bob Schieffer

“Look: we all want to be the bad guy here.”
“I agree with the President. The American Empire is indispensable."
-  Obama and Romney having tea with Col. Blimp

"Governor Romney doesn't like Argo because he doesn't like its criticism of US support for the Shah. But the Governor doesn't appreciate what this film is really about, which is, letting a broad, moviegoing public fantasize about Iranians as one-dimensional villains." - Obama

“Whether one candidate wins or the other is not going to decide whether there is war with Iran. I will decide whether there is war with Iran.” – Bibi Netanyahu

"HAW HAW HAW chemical warfare!!!!" - Obama wins the debate

“What about drones: should they be allowed to vote?” – Bob Schieffer

“The more you tighten your grasp, Governor, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” – Princess Malia

"You don't think I control the Hornets Nest? I control the Hornets Nest." And with an inhuman wail, the Governor summoned the Hornets, which blotted out the sky.

"Whoever controls the spice, controls the galaxy."
- Bob Schieffer interrupting Mitt Romney on Latin America

“Why did you do it?”
“Bring a child into this world. What gives you the right?”
- Tagg takes Dad’s loss a little hard

“Oh, yeah, we all love teachers.” – Bill Clinton

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