Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New York City Parks Supervisor For Life Bill Clinton

"Summer in New York is the ecstasy of bared skin, stinking garbage, and burning black pavement." - NYCPSFL Clinton

"Why can't we have sex in the park?" - NYCPSFL, speech to P.S. 290

"Stop and frisk must be mutual." - NYCPSFL at the dedication of the Vernon Eulion Jordan Slip 'n' Slide, Maria Hernandez Park
"What's that scent?"
"Well, it ain't Callery Pear, I'll tell you that."
"We're going to build a giant zip line from Central Park to El Yunque!" - NYCPSFL Clinton aboard the Parks Dept. float, Puerto Rican Day Parade
"Park Supervisor For Life Clinton, why are you tittering?"
"Oh, I was just thinking about the Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir."
"He must be impeached!" - Ray Kelly

"I need a deputy, someone I can trust when the shit starts raining down. You're the man for the job."
"Okay, but I really don't understand."
- NYCPSFL and Michael Shannon

"Baby, you're like an old truck, your engine is loud." - NYCPSFL talent scouting with Jay-Z

"Be my lizard moll, Helen of Gotham." - NYCPSFL to a transformed Beyonce
"Boring. Cover those bike paths in snakes."

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