Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Battering Ram

"My joy is a spider that feeds on your sorrow."
"Your face is a papier-mâché death mask."
- Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, G20

"Oh God, Doctor, is it bad?"
"I'm afraid you've got a case of Invisible Snakes, son."
- jellyfish attack victim Eric Cantor and Dr. John Boehner

"Don't you have it all?"
"I don't know, I haven't reanimated my corpse to live forever as a lich yet."
- Chris Wallace and Rupert Murdoch, the Hamptons

"Happy Father's Day!"
"My father's dead."
"I thought you said your mother was dead."
"No, I said my mother was dead to me."
- Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter

"I guess we should have killed more bad guys." - Egypt

"Don't kill people because you have to. Kill them because you want to." - Prof. Gen. Stanley McChrystal discussing "The Grand Inquisitor," Yale University, INRL 690a: Leadership

"Look around you. It's all fucked." - Felipe Calderón, G20

"You can take it with you." - Rajat Gupta, text message to Raj Rajaratnam

"The whole premise feels so hollow: how good can Good really be if everyone believes they're fighting for it? That's why I'm a bad guy. I know exactly what I'm fighting for." - Jamie Dimon to thunderous Senatorial applause

"We've still got one more bubble in us, but it won't feel good. The whole time we'll know that its the beginning of the end. But at least it won't just be our end. It will be the end of the everything." - Warren Buffet, CCP Politboro Standing Committee airship, Floating Rock City

"It's amazing the things slaves can accomplish." - Lloyd Blankfein, 2012 Bang on a Can Marathon, World Financial Center Winter Garden Atrium

"It's not just about money, it's about value. People have unequal access to the things that make life worth living: basic necessities, modest luxuries, love, respect, dignity, meaningful work, opportunities for creative expression, a sense of self worth and of being socially valuable. Money is key to obtaining these things, but it is not the same thing as these things. We could go through the normal channels to correct inequality, though most have lost faith in them and, in any case, they move so slowly that you might be dead by the time you get your settlement check. We can go through the normal channels or... we can destroy it all. We can exchange our poverty for the pleasure of destroying their wealth and thereby recuperate, if only fleetingly, not their riches themselves but the value to which their riches grant access. I'm sick of Marxists saying of riots, 'All this anger, if only there was class consciousness.' Nothing is more self-aware than a riot." - Paul Giamatti as Paul Krugman in Oliver Stone's Occupy Wall Street

"People need to listen to Steely Dan more often." - the real Paul Krugman, G20

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